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Now providing legal services through Greater Good Legal

Hello everyone! I have such big news. I am now a member of the Greater Good Legal team! This means that I will be focusing more on providing legal services and am so pleased to add this to my bio.

Greater good provides affordable and accessible legal services to nonprofits, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. I am beyond thrilled to become a part of this inspiring group of people. Check out the Greater Good Legal website to learn more about the firm and the lawyers behind the practice. Also, you can read up on the profiles for all of us who are a part of this team and learn about our motivations for joining this group.

By joining the Greater Good Legal team, I will be able to use my background in healthcare law and nonprofits more effectively. My goal is to help them enhance their representation of nonprofit organizations and expand their healthcare law offerings. Moreover, this will help them increase their ability to support charitable healthcare institutions.

About Greater Good Legal LLC

Greater Good provides legal counsel that builds communities. They specialize in delivering legal services to not-for-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and disabled individuals and their families. Attorney Mark Aurand founded the firm in 2018. Greater Good is a for-profit firm that uses technology and streamlined processes to deliver efficient and cost-effective services throughout Pennsylvania.