Contract Terms for Nonprofit Consultants

My course on Nonprofit Consultant Contract Terms is up and live!

I am very pleased to announce that my course on contract terms for nonprofit consultants is up!   “10 Easy Contract Clauses to Protect Non-profit Consultants and Freelance Grant Writers” is now live on the website!   Here are a few of the things you will learn in this course:

  • why you need to specify your status as in independent contractor,
  • why you should never base your compensation on a percentage of the grant award,
  • how to limit your liability in case a problem arises, and
  • how to handle a potential conflict of interest

Consultant Contract Signature Page and Pen

My aim is to ensure that nonprofit consultants and organizations know how to protect themselves legally when they work together.  A clear, inclusive (but not overly burdensome) contract is vital to establishing a great relationship at the outset.  As a lawyer and a grant writer who has worked with nonprofit organizations over the years, I have developed an understanding of what these contracts should look like.  This course can serve as a checklist that any consultant or organization can use to protect yourself legally.  So, if you would like any help with your legal contracts, please contact me.  I would be happy to help!  Moreover, the first half hour of a consultation by phone is free.

Many thanks to Matt Hugg for his time and help with this project.  For anyone who works in the nonprofit industry, you need to check out his site!  There is an abundance of very useful information there.  No matter whether you work for a nonprofit, are a consultant to nonprofits, or even a volunteer,  there is likely a relevant course for you.  Added bonus – many of the courses there are absolutely free!  This means you have absolutely nothing to lose by taking a look.

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