Michele’s writing experience can save you valuable time!

writing website headshot BMichele S. Perlstein offers writing services with a specific focus on grant applications, legal documents, and professional bios.  Because of her writing experience,  she understands how to write with impact and she can help you do the same.

Michele was a practicing health law attorney who served mainly hospital clients and other charitable institutions.  When she left the busy corporate world to stay home and raise her children, she dedicated much of her free time to volunteering with various nonprofits.  During that time, she continued to sharpen her writing skills.  In addition, Michele gained new skills in evaluating grant proposals.  Michele has now amassed extensive experience with nonprofit organizations.  She understands what funders look for when making their final grant decisions.  Michele knows how to be detail oriented, meticulous and compelling in her writing.  She also provides proofreading and editing services, as they are essential components of any well-written document.

Proofreading and Editing Services – As professionals, we never want to put anything into print that isn’t perfect.  Seems simple enough with spellcheck but a professional proofreader is so much more than that.  Contact Michele to learn more about how editing and proofreading can take your documents from flat to fabulous!

Writing Projects – Michele loves all types of writing, from complicated grants to simple website bios.  She takes pride in every single project, no matter the size.  Exceeding client expectations is a point of pride.

Legal Background

Most recently, Michele has gone back to practicing law again with Greater Good Legal!  Check out a recent blog post announcing this update.  Michele has a license to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.  Being a licensed attorney allows Michele to review legal documents to ensure your interests are protected.

A Focus on Building Relationships

Michele has a passion for writing that she has practiced throughout her life.  Because of her training, she recognizes that it is essential to have a strong understanding of the person or organization you are writing about.  This forms the basis for compelling and persuasive writing, whether it is a grant proposal, professional bio, or a legal brief.   This is why Michele makes it a priority to get to know her clients.  She focuses first and foremost on building relationships with them.  She learns what is important to them and what makes them special.  Building relationships with her clients and working with them as partners is the foundation of her business.

You’ll find no one, especially in the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area, with such a unique combination of skills.  When you need to look your best in writing, let MSP write for you! Contact Michele today to find out more about how she can help you.